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Student Leaders

Our Year 6 students are given a range of opportunities to show leadership throughout the school.
These include:

  • Whanau Leaders
  • Librarians
  • ICT Leaders
  • Sports shed monitors
  • Wet day monitors
  • Enviro Leaders
  • Whanau points collectors

St Leo’s Leaders for 2020

Whanau Leaders

Kauri – Luke and Yila ;                                                    Kowhai – Orlando and Chiara;

Pohutukawa – Jonty and Kate    ;                              Koromiko – Danny and Maisy


Honor, Chloris, Orlando, Jonty, Kate, Sienna W, Felicity, Isabella

Tech leaders

Danny, Luke, Kate, Chloris

Sports Committee

Sienna W, Sienna G, Lola, Lily, Scarlett, Honor

Wet day monitors

Honor, Sienna G, Sienna W, Yila

Enviro monitors

Scarlett, Chiara, Lola, Maisy

Whanau Point collectors

Felicity, Isabella


Felicity, Lily, Lola