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Student Leaders

Our Year 6 students are given a range of opportunities to show leadership throughout the school.
These include:

  • Whanau Leaders
  • Librarians
  • ICT Leaders
  • Sports shed monitors
  • Wet day monitors
  • Enviro Leaders

St Leo’s Leaders for 2023

Whanau Leaders

Kauri – James Farrell, Isabella Albrecht, Maria Sandes de Branco

Kowhai – Melody Liu, Lucetta Thomas-Cheng, Leo Radford

Pohutukawa – Nicolas Busch, Taitum Ramsey Reid, Nathaniel Hay

Koromiko – May Upton, Madison Atkinson, Louie Brodie


Leo, Louie, Nicolas, Bella, Madison, Maria

Tech leaders

James, Lucetta, Nicolas, Melody

Sports Monitors

Leo, Louie, James, Maria, Madison, Lucetta,Taitum, Nathaniel, May  Bella

Wet day monitors

All Year 6s


Whanau leaders