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Reporting to Parents

St Leo’s believes....

 That the more informed parents are, the more input they can have in a child’s education.
We report to parents about progress a number of times throughout the school year.

Parents should not feel restrained by the reporting cycle.  If children have any problems or parents have a concern with learning, however small, they are encouraged to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss any problems or issues as they arise.  One of the benefits of our small size at St Leo’s is that all teachers and the Principal can operate an open door policy and welcome this dialogue.

Term 1
There is an opportunity to meet the teacher at the beginning of the year community picnic and there will be a parent teacher conference toward the end of term

At the end of Term 2
There will be a 15 minute parent conference to share and discuss progress and social skills.

At the end of Term 3 
There will be a Learning Expo, where the classes set up a display in the hall and the children share their learning with their whanau.

At the end of Term 4
Final reports summarising both progress against the curriculum levels and other achievements at school are sent home.