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Our Staff

At St Leo’s we pride ourselves on our high academic achievement and happy students.  This is in no small part due to our fantastic staff and dedicated teachers.

Maureen Harris
Maureen Harris Principal
Adrienne Williams
Adrienne Williams Deputy Principal

Senior Staff

Greg MacCarthy-Morrogh
Greg MacCarthy-MorroghSt Catherine Teacher Y5/Y6
Lucia Dawbin
Lucia DawbinSt Patrick Teacher Y4/5, sports coordinator

Junior Staff

Adrienne Williams
Adrienne Williams St Clare Teacher Y1/Y2, Deputy Principal
Julie Lattimer
Julie LattimerSt Francis Teacher Y2/3, SENCO

Support Staff

Renee Mossman
Renee MossmanOffice Administrator
Tina Reid-Copus
Tina Reid-CopusLearning Support Assistant
Parish Priest
Tima Moataane
Tima MoataaneCaretaker | Cleaner