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Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission

Our Catholic School is part of a Christ centred community of faith, founded and guided by the enduring values of the Mercy Tradition. Accordingly, we educate the whole child, promoting total development of mind, body and spirit, upholding both excellence and integrity amongst all students and in all school endeavours.

Our Vision

The Children who leave St Leo’s Catholic School will be:

M otivated and active seekers of knowledge

E nergetic, enterprising contributors to culture and the community

R espectful, reliable, resourceful and resilient lifelong learners

C ritical and creative thinkers, confident and connected communicators

Y oung people who are living their Catholic Faith

Valuing each persons contribution

Able to apply reasoning and rationale to solve problems

Loving and responding to new learning with wonderment and joy

Understanding a broad range of knowledge in all learning areas

Encouraging and demonstrating team spirit

Showing a sense of self: a sense of belonging and positive self esteem