Application for entry to St Leo’s is made through the School Office.  The Principal encourages all prospective parents to come and meet with her as an initial step.  This enables parents to ask any questions, visit a classroom and have a tour of the school.

Application is then made by completing a pre enrolment application. The application requires the office to sight and take a copy of baptismal certificate, birth certificate, proof of residency and immunisation certificate.  Applicants to St Leo’s also require a ‘Preference of Enrolment’ completed to indicate they fulfill the requirements of the Bishop and the Catholic Schools’ Office.   Copies of the form for the priest to complete are available from the school office.

You will be notified in writing once your child’s enrolment has been confirmed.   St Leo’s is an integrated school with a maximum school roll.  To ensure you are guaranteed a place, enrolment is encouraged as soon as possible.  It is particularly recommended that siblings are enrolled as early as possible in order that places are kept for them.  St Leo’s does have a limited number of spaces for non-Catholic children so do enquire if interested to see if any are available.

To view our Preference and Enrolment forms please click on the buttons.

Preference Form
Enrolment Form