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Education Outside the Classroom

Lewis Eady Music

Lewis Eady Music School, your child can learn to play a musical instrument at school with Lewis Eady Music School.  Lewis Eady offer one-on-one and group lessons here at St Leo’s during the school day. Instrument choices include guitar, piano, keyboard and ukulele. Brass lessons are also available should there be sufficient demand.  For more information and to enrol your child, please visit

We also have a choir and ukelele group run by our Lewis Eady instructor Dominic Blaazer.


Students in year 6 participate in the Waterwise program in terms 1 and 4.   Waterwise is not part of the standard national curriculum. It is an option offered on the Devonport Peninsula for education outside the classroom and aims to encourage and develop children’s water safety awareness.  Waterwise provides an introduction to sailing, kayaking and boogie board rescues.

Our small class sizes really work in our favour when it comes to Waterwise.  Having fewer Year 6 children than other local schools means our children get much more time on the water.

Class Trips

From time to time students will take part in a learning experience outside the classroom. Often this will be a with the whole school and students work in their Whanau groups to allow parents the opportunity to be with all their children. This also gives our senior students leadership opportunities within their Whanau groups.


Emily from Devonport School of Dance comes in once a week to take a group of students for dance lessons.  For more information contact the school office