St Patricks has been looking at order from chaos (Yes we have!). As part of our space study we wanted to see the vastness of the solar system. If the sun was reduced to the size of a basketball, Jupiter would be a small apple and the earth would be no more than a peppercorn. But it’s the distance that is fascinating. The earth would be several metres away from the sun, while Jupiter and Saturn would be getting close to 100 metres away. Pluto however would be near where Takapuna Grammar is!
The kicker question – on this scale where would the nearest star be?

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  1. Stephen Rae 18 September 2019 at 9:37 am

    The answer to the question ,”Where would the nearest star be?”
    produced some very interesting responses from the children. Answers ranged from Devonport and Takapuna to Hamilton and even Wellington. Then Maisy called out, “America!” There were giggles and guffaws from those of little faith. In actual fact Maisy is correct!

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